Internship assignment - Molten Salt Techno Economic Analysis

About Brabetech

Brabetech is a tech company located at the High Tech Campus, that works on the energy transition by designing, building and commissioning of energy systems. With 7 years of experience, Brabetech has done several international projects for a variety of markets such as chemicals and energy. Although a wide variety of installations have been built, there has been a clear focus on systems that store or transfer heat. The technologies used in these systems have been predominantly based on biomass combustion and or molten salt heat storage and transfer. Heat concerns fifty percent of the energy demand worldwide and compared to the energy transition a lot of work has to be done in terms of sustainable and efficient heat transfer and storage. Brabetech aims to contribute to sustainable heat by designing and building installations for end users.

Assignment description

Molten salt is a heat transfer and storage medium that can buffer heat quite effectively and is mostly used in combination with concentrated solar power applications. By using a unique molten salt and broad experience in building molten salt systems, the technology of Brabetech has overcome a lot downsides of conventional molten salt technology. Therefore the systems designed by Brabetech are able to operate on a lower temperature range and have no corrosion issues. This lowers the cost price and makes it possible to use molten salt effectively as a heat storage and transfer medium in markets where molten salt initially was not a good fit. The Brabetech molten salt technology provides value in the heat transition which has gained increasing attention since the rising gas prices. This has made business cases for heat storage much more interesting in smaller installations.

To find the right applications for this technology a thorough techno-economic study is needed. In this study the potential use cases, markets and technical alternatives need to be compared to see what the best market could be to introduce the technology. Therefore we are looking for a master graduation student or intern who has an interest in both technology and business cases to perform this study.

Who are we looking for

- University student with a business background with interest in thermal energy or an (mechanical or energy) engineering student with an interest in business.

- An individual with a proactive attitude who is able to deal with a fast paced start-up environment

- Someone with interest in doing a study about a new technology where a lot of things are unknown

What do we offer

- The ability to join a young and enthusiastic team on the High Tech Campus

- Informal work setting with Friday drinks

- A high amount of responsibility and the ability to make an impact within the organization


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March 10, 2023